Life in San Diego


We hope this page will be a window into the parts of San Diego we all enjoy!

Beaches and Sunsets

Discover the best beaches for your ideal seaside adventure, whether that includes lounging in the sun, off-leash areas for dogs, surfing, bike riding, bonfires with friends, or tide pooling. Some of our top rates beaches include La Jolla Shores, Del Mar Dog Beach, Tourmaline, Cardiff by the Sea, Coronado and more.



Check out the many attractions of San Diego, including the world-famous San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, Sea World, San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego Comic Con, and plenty more


Just looking at these images makes me hungry! San Diego has such a huge variety of food, and notably some of the best tacos out there. Some of our favorites include Sugar & Scribe, Shorehouse Kitchen, Banh Mi Hoi An, Leilani's Cafe, Taco Stand, Turmeric Thai, and the La Jolla Farmers Market. If you are by downtown, check out the pedestrian-friendly Little Italy neighborhood, which is full of trendy bars, brewpubs, and restaurants with bustling patios! Searching for San Diego's best Asian cuisine? Head over to Convoy Street where you are bound to find something you love.


San Diego is the most biologically rich county in  North America, home to myriad unique biota found nowhere else. The combination of hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters with variable terrestrial environments fosters habitats including: beaches, lagoons, grasslands, oak woodlands, streamsides, mixed conifer forests, salt and freshwater marshes, meadows, and deserts.


Our students seek out opportunities to use our voices, as well as amplify the voices of those who need our support. From supporting Black owned businesses to demanding the needs of the Kumeyaay Nation whose land we reside on, we try to do our part in our community. Come participate in local and national activism with your friends and colleagues and demand the need for change.

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